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Are you a dumb blonde just like yours truly! Take this test to find out Categories. Actor; Book; My tests; Write fanfiction; AllTheTests.com-» Fun tests-» Blond.

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The title says it all! Made By: A dumb blonde who speaks for all the others!

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Test: The Dumb Blonde Test Category: Humor Description: Are you a dumb blonde? Take the dumb blonde quiz and find out. Keywords: By definition, the average IQ is:

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You may act smart, but are you really dumb? The trick questions in this test will expose your true dumbness. Take the dumb test and find out if you’re dumb!

OMGare you a dumb blonde? Do you giggle at dumb blonde jokes, even when they’re directed at you? Find out! The Dumb Blonde Test! OMG, am I? Take this

Dumb Blonde Test. Let’s see if you’re Are You a Dumb Blonde? The Dumb Blonde Test; Are blondes always dumb? DUDE? R U A DUMB BLONDE? IQ Tests; Celebrity Quizzes;

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Dumb Blonde Bombshell *sigh* It must be hard to be curvy, gorgeous, AND blonde. Yes, you’re constantly dealing with men competing for your attention, but you

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The Dumb Blonde Test. Are you “a few cards short of a deck”? Does it take you a while to catch on to things? Are you known by friends to be a little ditzy?

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