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Global information and education on HIV and AIDS. Enter your keywords . About HIV & AIDS. How to have vaginal sex. Condoms – how to use a male condom. What are

Comprehensive sex education is effective at assisting people to make healthy Kirby D et al. Impact of Sex and HIV Education Programs on Sexual Behaviors of

Of the 23 effective, comprehensive sex education programs: Fourteen programs demonstrated a statistically significant delay in the timing of first sex.

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The effectiveness of college-based sex education programs in the promotion of abstinent behavior: a meta-analysis

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Click here to download the FREE PDF Studies have repeatedly shown that comprehensive sex education is effective at assisting people to make healthy decisi

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Touting abstinence-only education programs as “effective” and colleges across the country need to implement comprehensive sex education that will have

Effective HIV and STD HIV/STD prevention programs implemented by colleges include prevention education programs designed specifically to reduce sexual

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The Characteristics of Effective Sex Education and HIV Prevention Programs Cindy Geary Director, Behavioral and Social Sciences, YouthNet/FHI

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Whether part of a personal endeavor, college curriculum, or organizational program, we’ll help you bring sexuality education to your community.

In addition to a series of resources that relate to sex education, Sex Education and Effective Programs. Sexting. Spanish Language. State and Community Education.

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