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Circumcision removes smegma. Smegma, the lubricant produced in the lining of the foreskin, can be a nuisance, and even a health threat. This is especially true when a

Smegma (Greek smēgma, “soap”) is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both male and female mammalian genitalia.

HOW SMEGMA SERVES THE PENIS by Joyce Wright, M. D. Nature’s Assurance That the Uncircumcised Glans Penis Will Function Smoothly is Provided by Smegma

Oct 19, 2001 · Buildup of skin and other crud found between the foreskin and penis. While smegma may be reminiscent of a domestic cheese, The Urban Dictionary Mug

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What is smegma? By April Cashin-Garbutt, BA Hons (Cantab) Smegma occurs on the head of the penis, also known as the penis glans, and under the foreskin. (3)

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Penis smegma is the combination of moisture, skin oils and epithelial cells that can generally keep your penis moist and healthy.

There are still a lot of men in the world who remain uncut and produce plenty of smegma. If you are fascinated with a cheese dick, then our scenes that feature a

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Read all about Smegma. On this page you can read everything about smegma. If you want to find out what your symptoms mean, or what a doctor would think of.

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Common causes for a smelly and sore penis include: smegma ; balanitis ; sexually transmitted infection ; non-specific urethritis ; Smegma. If you don’t wash your

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Just What Is Smegma And Why Does It Make Us Cringe? May 21, 2015 01:36 AM By Ed Cara @EdCara4. Comment; Share; Tweet; How smegma is secreted in the penis. Sexology.

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