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The Real Story Safe Sex Project is a new way to encourage safer sex among gay and bi male teenagers and twentysomethings, using fictional characters from your

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Project SAFE Outcomes: Reduced number of sex partners—Significantly fewer women in the intervention group than in the control group reported multiple partners

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Safer Sex (“Safe Sex”) at a Glance. Reduces our risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) Using condoms makes vaginal or anal intercourse safer sex

The idea for Safe Sex, The Teenagers Guide was transformed after hearing the percentage of pregnant teens at the local community high college, Washington Township.

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Want to bring awareness to sex related illnesses, while contributing your efforts to the cause? Join the Center, the Las Vegas LGBTC community center, and the Center

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Title: The Leicestershire and Rutland Community Safer Sex Project – background information Author: michelle.stratford Last modified by: michelle.stratford

About The Pleasure Project. The Pleasure Project is the worlds leading organisation putting the sexy into safer sex since 2004. find out more

What is this all about? The Real Story Safe Sex Project is a new way to encourage safe sex among gay and bi male teenagers and twentysomethings.

Safe Sex Project @ safesexproject. Safe Sex – The Teenagers Guide, is a teen resource informing and providing clear knowledge on the topic of contraceptives, teen

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Safer-Sex Methods: HIV InSite Although the FDA eventually determined that the polyurethane condom was safe for consumer use HIV InSite is a project of the

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