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a suck-up “Suck-up” is an insult for someone who tries too hard to get the favor of an authority figure, like their boss or teacher. You can call someone “a suck-up”:

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suck something up to pick something up by suction, as with a vacuum cleaner, or through a straw. Will this vacuum suck all this dirt up? The vacuum cleaner sucked up

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Jan 18, 2005 · (Noun). One who acts affectionately toward another so as to excel, usually because he cannot do so on his own merits. (Verb). To be a suck-up. To s

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Define suck–up: a person who tries to get the approval of someone in authority by saying and doing helpful and friendly things… — suck–up in a sentence

Suck up definition, to draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue: to suck lemonade through a straw. See more.

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Feb 14, 2004 · I don’t care if you’re sad, get out there, suck it up and deal with it!

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Define suck up. suck up synonyms, suck up pronunciation, suck up translation, English dictionary definition of suck up. v. sucked , suck·ing , sucks v. tr. 1. a.

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