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Jun 18, 2014 · Tim Duncan was just on the top of the world a few days ago, after winning the NBA Championship, but now he’s taking an L in the tabloids. According to

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A new report suggests that Tim Duncan’s wife, Amy Duncan, may have outed her husband as gay during the couple’s ongoing divorce battle.

Tim Duncan divorce turns ugly, wife hurls gay charges . Duncan and the perky Macias recently confirmed they are indeed dating and nowadays she can be seen front-and

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Jul 10, 2016 · The greatest power forward who has ever lived is calling it a career. San Antonio Spurs stalwart Tim Duncan announced his retirement from the NBA on

During a Tuesday radio interview, Spurs star Danny Green addressed rumors that Amy Duncan had outed Tim Duncan as gay during a divorce court hearing.

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San Antonio Spurs forward Danny Green told a popular New York radio station he doesn’t believe the rumors about All-Star teammate Tim Duncan being gay or bisexual

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Reportedly, an unidentified source told the blog that Duncan had been involved in a gay relationship during his Wake Forest University days. The man Duncan was

Tim Duncan Departs, Brilliantly, Without Vanity The San Antonio Spurs’ humble legend exits just as he played, despite 19 seasons of categorical success

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